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Benchmarks for LinkedIn ad costs

How much does it cost to advertise on LinkedIn? Every business and every campaign is different, but we can also make useful generalizations about Linkedin ad costs and set some benchmarks. So let’s discuss how LinkedIn ad prices work and what you can expect. We will answer the question “What bidding options are available for […]

What Happened in October – Viral Octopus Monthly...

Our Viral Octopus experts, Pietro, Silvia, and Adele have been in the thick of another busy news month, and despite having TONS of news to choose from, they’ve whittled it down to the nuggets that matter most. With eCommerce continuing to explode in popularity, so are the ad offerings by social media platforms and online […]

Ten Tips For Improving Conversion On eCommerce Product...

Your E-commerce store product pages are an important determinant of success or failure. You might think it is easy to create a product page, but people often underestimate the importance of small details. On average, only 2.17% of eCommerce visits convert into purchases. So anything over 2.17% could be considered a good result. Since good […]

The Power of Chat Marketing: Six Shocking Statistics...

Good chat marketing is a multi-channel approach to instantly engage customers on their preferred platform, whether they are interacting with your brand on your own website or on Facebook or Instagram or you are reaching them with automated SMS communications. Chat marketing is growing explosively. Why did the use of chatbots increase by a whopping […]

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