Copywriting & Graphics for Viral Octopus Adink DSP Banner Ads

  • Fits right in on any media platform
  • Attention-grabbing images
  • Copy that gets clicks

Copywriting & Graphics for Viral Octopus Adink DSP Banner Ads

Using the Viral Octopus Adink? Then you’re already ahead of your competitors. That’s because this FREE programmatic DSP ad-buying platform makes it easier to buy traffic across an enormous range of media and formats, and it’s 80% cheaper than other ad buying services. Of course, when it comes to banner ads, it’s all about compelling copy and engaging imagery when it comes to getting those costs down as much as possible. This gig gets you a star strategist-copywriter-designer team to create banner ads that save you money and get you clicks.
  • ★   Fits right in on any media platform

  • ★   Attention-grabbing images

  • ★   Copy that gets clicks

What you can expect

With all these graphic design platforms popping up today (think Canva), it might seem like ad creation is easy. Anyone can do it now, right? But if you don’t create truly compelling content, your...

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Your Dedicated Team


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What you need to provide

Once you’ve clicked that Buy Now button, you’ll be prompted to complete a brief client form. You’ll be asked questions about what kind of business you run, your brand identity, your target customer or...

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Adink DSP Banner Ad Creation - 1 Creative

If you try to follow directions with text and visuals, you’ll do over 300% better than if you just followed text directions. Imagine the impact this has on your digital ad CTAs. If you want your banner ads to yield clicks, you need a savvy combination of helpful, convincing copy and eye-catching, on-brand design. Thankfully, Viral Octopus Adink supports easy individual HTML banner setup, and this perfect little package allows you to take the best advantage of this handy, time-saving feature.

Adink DSP Banner Ad Creation - 5 Creatives

Our research shows that Adink has by far the lowest CPM (cost per mile) of any digital advertising platform out there. You can save up to 80% compared to prices on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Don’t believe us? Test it out for yourself and purchase this package of 5 Adink banner ad assets for your business. We guarantee you’ll see better results using our platform combined with creatives hand-crafted by our expert strategist-copywriter-graphic designer dream team than you would if you try to do it all on your own. Let us help you get better ROI on your digital advertising today!

Adink DSP Banner Ad Creation - 10 Creatives

This package is made for people with big budgets, bursting catalogs, and giant ambitions. Since Viral Octopus Adink supports “Massive Banner Upload,” allowing you to add an unlimited number of banner creatives to your account, it’d be a shame not to take advantage of it. You get ten beautifully designed and cleverly worded banners to choose from. Combine those with Adink’s unrivaled ad bidding, targeting, placement, and reporting tools, and you’ll be able to spread the word about your product far and wide for the lowest cost.


Does this gig include ad buying services?

No, it doesn’t. But the good news is that Viral Octopus offers that as an add-on. If you’re not 100% sure of your media buying skills, it’s time to get some extra expert help. We can provide you with vetted media buying experts (less than 3% of applicants pass our rigorous test) who will take your advertising results to the next level. Find out more here >

Can I mix and match this with other gigs, such as your social media ad asset gigs?

Yes, of course, you can! In fact, we’d love to take care of your digital advertising needs as well as your social media advertising needs. You can either buy each gig separately on our platform or contact us to get a custom package.

What if I want to create other types of Adink ad assets like Push, Native, Video, or Pop-Up?

This gig is valid only for banners. But if you’re interested in other types of ad assets for Viral Octopus Adink, we can help you! Contact us directly, and we’ll put together a custom gig tailored to your specific needs.

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