E-book, Whitepaper, or Case Study for B2B Lead Generation

  • Long-form content
  • High-quality information
  • Complete with graphics

E-book, Whitepaper, or Case Study for B2B Lead Generation

Win new clients by publishing helpful content. Interrupting busy executives with messages urging them to buy doesn't work, but lead magnets do! Harness the power of attraction. Identify topics that interest the decision-makers that you want to reach and then give them a useful Ebook, whitepaper, or case study. When you begin by delivering detailed information that your potential clients are looking for, it’s easy to get leads. And you have already made a good impression, so they will be easy to convert.
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  • ★   Long-form content

  • ★   High-quality information

  • ★   Complete with graphics

What you can expect

This gig delivers great long-form content that you can use to generate leads. You provide the topic, format, and length based on your knowledge of your customers interests. If you want some help discovering...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your team will be selected based on the match between their interests and experience and your desired...

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What you need to provide

Desired topic (or you can get a custom gig to help decide on a...

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Is this the right gig for me?

If you want long form content for B2B lead generation you are in the right place. You can combine with this our B2B content syndication gig for maximum lead generation.

How many E-books, whitepapers, or case studies can I get with this gig?

We find it is best to organize by setting up one publication per gig with a custom price quote, but if you would rather combine several publications in a single gig, we can do that too.

How long does it take to get a publication?

The delivery time depends on the length and complexity of the project. Most projects take at least two weeks. Our team’s research may involve time-consuming activities like taking a course or reading some books in order to develop truly insightful content on complex topics.

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