Facebook ads for Event or Product launch

  • Reach the right audience
  • Establish reciprocity & authority
  • Close the deal with social proof

Facebook ads for Event or Product launch

A three-stage rocket to launch your product or event into orbit. Using Facebook ads, our expert team will create an audience, inspire them with stories, convince them with authority, and convert them to customers using social proof and scarcity. Blast off on an eighty-four-day journey to success.
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  • ★   Reach the right audience

  • ★   Establish reciprocity & authority

  • ★   Close the deal with social proof

What you can expect

The “secret” to the success of our three-stage approach to product launch/event promotion is no secret. To maximize your results, our experts follow the tried and true method developed by Jeff Walker in his “Product Launch...

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Your Dedicated Team

Viral Octopus will select the ideal four-person team to create and implement the Facebook ad promotion strategy for your product launch or event. You will be the important fifth team member who delivers...

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What you need to provide

Fill in the brief in the free project management tool to provide:
Information about your product or event, market, general description of target audience, target country, tone;

Brand Guidelines;


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Is this the right gig for me?

If you have an important event coming up or you are about to launch a new product and your in-house marketing team are already busy or anything short of dazzlingly effective experts, Viral Octopus can help you reach the people who will love what you do and convince them to embrace your brand.

How long does this gig last?

This gig has three four week stages, for a total of 12 weeks or 84 days.

What budget do I need to invest?

We recommend a minimum budget of $2,000 for this gig. Depending on your potential market size, there may be a point at which your returns for increased spending taper off. For most customers, we recommend a budget of between $2,000 and $3,500 per month.

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