How to Use Content Syndication To Multiply Your Long-Form Content Lead Generation


Publishing E-Books, White Papers, and Case Studies can be a great way to generate B2B leads. By discovering what your customers want to learn and giving them great information, you can build trust and convince them to give you their email and begin a relationship. You can use your social media accounts and your website to publish your lead magnet content. But there are probably a lot of potential customers out there in the world who are not going to see your content in those places. That’s why content syndication can be a very useful tactic in your overall content strategy. When it is done correctly, content syndication allows you to put your long-form content lead magnet in front of more prospective customers and generate more leads.   

Content Syndication Works But Not Everyone Is Doing It Yet

Just about everyone knows that content marketing can be effective, especially in the B2B world.  More than 90% of B2B marketers surveyed reported using content marketing. And customers say it works too. Over three-quarters of buyers surveyed said that they will share contact information in exchange for white papers. So clearly lead generation with content can work. But a lot of people are not getting the power of syndication. Businesses that do try syndication often find it very effective. According to Demand Gen Report, 30% of B2B marketers say content syndication is their most successful tactic for generating leads. For those in the know, syndication networks can multiply the effect of their lead magnets and deliver at a really large scale. For instance, the Top Level B2B Leads network alone delivered 4.3 million fully-permissioned opt-in first-party leads who were specifically interested in the content that platform users published in 2020.   

How To Syndicate Long-Form Content: Co-Marketing with Non-Competitors

Co-Marketing is an outside-the-box approach that involves cooperating with another business. This can be very effective, doubling your results with no extra effort. The trick is finding a business with a product or service that complements rather than competes with yours. For instance, if your business provides legal services to help businesses export to Estonia, you could syndicate your content with a business that sells Estonian business translation services. Co-marketing can be enhanced by social media cross-promotion as well as publication on websites. Make a reciprocal agreement to share all the leads you collect or build a form that automatically shares them.  

How To Syndicate Long-Form Content: Free Syndication On Websites

Depending on your niche and what content you produce, you may be able to get your content published on topic-specific sites in your industry. Websites and publishers may be willing to give your white paper, e-book, case study, or other long-form b2b content a home if they think their visitors will like it. They may be reluctant to publish it with a lead form though. You might consider offering a shorter summary with the condition that it comes with a link to somewhere you are allowed to add your lead form. In addition to niche information websites that match your topic area, you might consider some broader options. You can potentially publish on Quora, Linkedin, Facebook Business, Mix, Medium, and other similar websites that host user-generated content. Once again, you may need to come up with a shorter summary to publish on these sites and then direct people somewhere you can put your lead generation form.   

How To Syndicate Long-Form Content: Paid Syndication

We saved the best for last. You may be able to accomplish a lot with a great set of hand-picked free opportunities for content syndication, but getting that “free” benefit costs a lot of time and effort. And whatever you can achieve by picking a few websites by hand, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what happens when you are ready to reach for the spigot and turn on the flow of highly qualified leads. Wouldn’t it be great if you could describe the type of person you are trying to reach in precise terms, specify their industry, their role in the company, the company size and location and then optimize your content placement across a wide array of channels and get it published with a lead form? Well, you can, and it’s actually pretty easy to hire a syndication service, define your lead criteria and then just pay per lead. Not all paid content syndication services are created equal though. We have examined a lot of offers and secured the best publishing partners and combined all the best features to provide a truly excellent syndication system called Top Level Leads.  

Research Your Customers’ Needs, Create Content, and Syndicate!

Long-form content lead magnets are effective. Well-executed content syndication multiplies that effect by making it easier to put your lead magnet in front of more B2B buyers who will be interested in your content and your product or service. Why wait when you can get started today? Find new great places to publish your content as a free download where you can include a form, or publish a short version and link to the full downloadable version with a lead capture form. Or make it easy to really scale up your lead generation quickly with a paid content syndication service like Top Level Leads. Then watch those leads start rolling in.      

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