Ten Tips For Improving Conversion On eCommerce Product Pages


How to boost your eCommerce and strive for excellent results

Your E-commerce store product pages are an important determinant of success or failure. You might think it is easy to create a product page, but people often underestimate the importance of small details. On average, only 2.17% of eCommerce visits convert into purchases. So anything over 2.17% could be considered a good result. Since good results involve missing over 97% of your opportunities for sales, we recommend you strive for excellent results. Customers care: in a recent survey by Salsify, 87% of shoppers rate product content extremely or very important when deciding to buy. Your product pages matter a lot, so take the time to perfect them. These tips may seem simple, but they are also essential. If you don’t have all of these eCommerce product page best practices in clear focus, you will miss opportunities and leave money on the table. So please read on.

Choose A Headline That Matches Queries And Differentiates Your Product

Before you can get off to a good start with your prospective customer, you have to get them to the page in the first place. There are no guarantees in SEO, but thinking about what people are searching for and using those terms on your page can win free traffic for you . And the page title/headline is the most important place to include language that matches one of the most popular queries people use to find products like yours. Even if you do not win free traffic, matching search intent lets buyers who arrive at your page through other channels know that this product is what they are looking for. Once you have shown them you have what they are looking for, it’s time to add your magic. Tell them how your product is different and better than the alternatives . For instance, if you know people are using the search term “shoes for jumping higher,” and your shoes use the same spring material that Oscar Pistorius used to win races, you could say “Shoes for Jumping Higher That Use Pistorius Spring Tech”. Side effects do not include murderous rage.  

Write Clear, Complete, and Compelling Product Descriptions

This may seem obvious, but it is worth thinking about carefully. Customers today have increasingly short attention spans. To make a sale, you need to get your point across quickly and clearly. You want to make an immediate impression and catch their attention, then provide all the important details. You should probably seek to answer all the following questions.
  • Who is this product designed for? Describe the ideal customer.
  • What is the product used for? Explain the benefit that it conveys.
  • How does it work? Give a peek under the hood.
  • What makes it different? Explain why it is better than other options.

Make Your Product Page Very Easy To Read

Modern readers may get bored before the end of a long sentence. Short sentences or even sentence fragments will often be more effective. You should present your customers with something that is very easy to read. If reading your page feels like a chore, people will stop.
  • Problem: Most readers scan pages rather than read all the words.
  • Solution: Use bullet points. Bold can help too.

  • Problem: Pages can be hard to read on small mobile screens.
  • Solution: Use a large font with strong contrast. Always focus on making it easy for your customers!

Speak In A Voice That Matches Your Customers’ And Address Their Priorities

If you were doing telephone sales, you would try to talk to your prospects in a voice that would put them at ease, right? A good product page observes the same principle. Speak to your target audience in a voice that fits. That might be serious and formal, or it might be very irreverent and casual. Developing a clear idea of your customer personas is essential for this task. A great understanding of your customers includes more than just how they talk. You should also strive to understand what is important to your customers . For instance, are they more interested in the technical details of your product or the aesthetic aspects of your offer? What are their most pressing concerns that relate to your product? Make sure to address these. Understand your customers well enough to explain how the features of your product will produce benefits for them in the same terms they would use themselves. Telling them how a feature benefits them gives them a reason why they should buy it.
Top tip: Read customer reviews of your product and use the same language your most satisfied customers use to explain benefits in a way that will resonate strongly with your target audience.  

Tell Customers About Related Products For Additional/Alternative Sales

Consider the potential for cross-selling and upselling . You may be able to sell them the product on the page while simultaneously creating interest for an additional sale. Or sell them an add-on product or an upgraded version of the product that creates more profit for you. In some cases, customers might not be interested in the product on the page they land on, but you might have another offer that would interest them . So consider using your product pages to help users explore your other offerings, being careful not to distract from the main call to action.  

Create Trust: Clear Shipping, Return, And Payment Policies

Customers care a lot about shipping and return policies. Surprise shipping charges are a major factor in cart abandonment . Let customers know upfront what the shipping costs will be. Customers will find it easier to trust your business and take a chance on a purchase if you have a clear return policy that makes it easy to send a product back for a refund. Offering as many payment options as possible and using logos of trusted payment services like PayPal can also make prospective customers more comfortable about making a purchase.  

Create Trust: Reviews And Social Proof

You have clearly explained why your product is great for your customers. But then you would say that, wouldn’t you? Your customer might believe you, but they will often be more likely to believe another person like them, a customer. We are social animals and we base a lot of our decisions on observing outcomes for other people faced with similar choices. Social proof can be a powerful closing argument. Presenting real customers explaining how they benefited from your product can be very persuasive. Viral Octopus partner Nudgify offers very effective and easy-to-deploy live social proof popup functions for eCommerce.  

Create Urgency: Show Stock Levels

There was a time when running out of things was frequently fatal. Consequently, we are hard-wired to instinctively respond to scarcity by feeling . Letting customers know that an item may run out speaks to this deep instinct. You can integrate your product pages with your eCommerce page to display stock levels. You can also use popups to show stock levels for low-stock items, displaying scarcity to create a sense of urgency for the buyer . Nudgify has a service that makes it easy to create automated popups to show scarcity and create urgency.  

Exhaustive keyword coverage

Language is very flexible. People have a lot of ways to express the same idea. Searchers who share the same intent will use many different terms . You can find out what people are looking for with keyword research tools like Ahrefs. Make a list of phrases, including longer phrases, that people might be using to search for your products as a point of departure and drop it in a tool to find similar keywords. Select all the ones that make sense and note their volume and difficulty. Try to include all the keywords and phrases without making your page sound awkward. Focus on the terms with decent volume and low enough difficulty scores that you have a chance to win.  

Excellent Images

Depending on your product, the visual presentation could be the most important thing . In most cases, you should dedicate a lot of space on the page to images. In all cases, start with the best source photograph you can get and apply professional editing techniques to make your product pop. If you are not selling a physical product, you may still have product pages. If you have a service product, representing the service with a photo or illustration can probably improve your conversion rate.  

Put These Tips Into Action Or Get Expert Help

So.. how are you doing? What is your conversion rate for your eCommerce product pages now? Would you like it to be higher? Then don’t hesitate! Get to work putting these tips into action or get expert help with our Viral Octopus eCommerce Product Page Creation service . We will make it easy for you.  

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